Solomon's is holding indoor worship services on Sundays at 10:15 a.m. Our Sunday and special services are livestreamed weekly and can be found on Solomons Lutheran Church - YouTube and our Facebook page: Solomon's Evangelical Lutheran Church | Chambersburg PA | Facebook

Sunday Worship Schedule:

  • Sunday School at 9 a.m.
  • Worship Service at 10:15 a.m.

Adult Sunday School is held September through May.

Children's Sunday School is held during the Worship Service September through May.

Worship Services on YouTube

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We believe:

  • In the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • We are saved by grace alone, through faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • We are reconciled to God through the incarnate and living Word, Jesus Christ, who suffered, was crucified and is raised from the dead so we can have new life
  • The Bible is the inspired word of God which tells the story of God’s love for us
  • God loves all people, including you!
  • The church is a hospital for sinners, not a country club for saints
  • We are called to be Jesus’ disciples in the world. We do this by practicing the marks of discipleship: pray daily, worship weekly, read the Bible, serve others, be in relationship with God and one another and give of our time, talents and money. The marks of discipleship are goals we strive for in Christian love, not requirements for grace.

Our Worship Services Provide:

  • Meaningful worship grounded in Word and Sacrament in a beautiful and historic sanctuary.
  • Strong, uplifting music, a great choir, pipe organ and grand piano, which build on traditional and modern Lutheran and Christian foundations
  • Beautiful, Spirit-filled liturgy giving praise and glory to God
  • An easy to follow worship bulletin

About Us

At Solomon's We Offer...

Fellowship and community with joyful Christians of all ages in our beautiful and historic sanctuary, modern fellowship center, gym and kitchen. These facilities are available for use by congregational members as well as community groups.

Weekly Sunday School and Children's Church (during the Worship Service) from September through May, and Children's Messages for our younger members. Vacation Bible School is offered in June. Additional youth events are offered at various times throughout the school year.

Adult Sunday School runs from September thru May. A Midweek Bible Study meets on Wednesday mornings at 10 AM in the Fellowship Center Conference Room. These studies enrich our knowledge and understanding of the Bible and God's inclusive love for all people.

Annual events such as outside worship services and picnics (May and September), Community Thanksgiving Dinner, live theater productions, and fundraisers (candymaking, apple dumpling making, etc.) which promote fellowship and support our assorted mission projects.

Our History

In 1736, the first Germans from Lancaster and York counties settled in the southern part of Franklin County. One of the earliest of these German settlements was just south of Chambersburg, known as the "Grindstone Hill" settlement. After 1764, the ingress of the Germans was so great that they soon owned the better part of Guilford Township.

The Germans loved their church and made early provision for the permanent establishment of the ordinances of religion among them. An occasional sermon was preached to the scattered Lutherans of the settlement by ministers passing through the valley on horseback.

The Lutheran and the Reformed congregations united in their efforts to secure a suitable place to build a house of worship. In 1766, the original church, a log structure, was built. It was situated on the opposite side of the highway from the present church, but this new place of worship was not completed for twelve years due to the poverty of the people. The services were held in it although there was no floor or stove for warmth. A stove and other needed supplies were provided in 1778. It was considered one of the finest buildings in the settlement. The log church served a good purpose for sixty-seven years, after which it was sold for thirty dollars and moved four miles east where it became known as "Fetterhoff Chapel."

As the Lutheran congregation increased in number, a new church was required. The Lutheran and Reformed congregations again united in erecting another house in which to worship the God of their fathers.The corner-stone of the brick church was laid in May 1833. It was built in the form of a parallelogram, with the pulpit at one end, the doors at the other, surrounded by a spacious gallery. The dedication service was held on November 24th of the same year. The building was constructed for approximately $3,000.

On August 20, 1928, extensive improvements were started on the brick church. An addition was added to the front for two class rooms, and a double door entrance replaced the two individual front doors. New pews were placed in the main body of the church with a three aisle arrangement instead of two. At this time the church was wired for electricity.

Pastor's Corner


Our Church Offers...

Children's Church and Sunday School: Offered September through May during the 10:15 a.m. Worship Service. All children are invited to take part. Children gather after the announcements for a blessing and then join adult leaders for an age-appropriate Bible reading, activity/craft and prayer. The children return to the sanctuary during the offering.

Summer Nursery: For the summer months, June through August, adult volunteers are available to take small children to the nursery during the 10:15 a.m. Worship Service.

Vacation Bible School: This year's VBS was held on June 17-21. Our youth went SCUBA diving into friendship with God! Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this event possible.

Events and News

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